Your Childs School Dance

If you think you know what is going on in your child’s life better think again. While watching Dr. Phil I could not believe what he was saying about the things that go on at school dances.

Dr. Phil was in a discussion with the author of a book entitled Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss. The new documentary and book chronicle the shocking sex lives of teen girls. You’ll be surprised to learn what activities they engage in and why they do it. Hear from the author and filmmaker, Sharlene Azam, and find out why other girls may be the biggest threat to your child.

With (STD’s) such as HPV and HIV Aids at an epidemic level you need to know more now than ever about your children’s friends and where they are hanging out.

Girls as young as 10 years of age are being recruited into the sex business. Older friends are telling these children that oral sex isn’t really a sexual act. Therefore what they are doing nothing more than if they were just kissing someone. 

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