You May Have Herpes But You Are Not Herpes

letter H You may have herpes, but you are not herpes. You are so much more than your diagnosis. Herpes is treatable and you can live a full life with it. Many of the people I have encountered have contracted herpes because they were cheated on – usually those who contracted it through promiscuity, don’t seek to educate themselves on any level. It is so unfortunate that so many really good people contract herpes as a result of cheating. It’s not like it’s enough to carry the emotional baggage of being cheated on, but then you have this constant reminder of that betrayal.

However, as bad as you may feel emotionally about having herpes, you are not alone.

Herpes are more common than you think. Having herpes does not make you less attractive or less desirable. But, it can make you wiser in life and relationship choices.

It is very important to become more educated about herpes by reading about it and speaking with your health care provider. The idea that others will not want to be with you is untrue and more related to low self-esteem. You may even consider seeing individual psychotherapy to address unresolved issues from your previous relationship. Doing so would help you adjust to being single again. 

You cannot move forward and remain in the past. It is time to move on with your life! The fact that you are here, researching your condition is a great step in the right direction.

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