Wyandotte teen’s mom says son contracted herpes from wrestling

Most wrestlers know it’s possible to contract medical conditions such as ringworm and staph infections through close contact that is part and parcel of the sport.

But is it possible to contract herpes?

The mother of a 14-year-old athlete said not only is it possible, but it happened to her son and she wants other parents to be warned.

Nancy Martinez said she believes that her 14-year-old son, Johnny, contracted herpes simplex at an open wrestling event in late July at Roosevelt High School.

About a week after the wrestling matches, the teen said he suffered from a bad headache and then a rash.
According to his mother, she first took him to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, which then ended up turning into a two-day stay at Children’s Hospital in Detroit.
After ruling out sexual contact as a source of the infection, Martinez said her son was asked about the sports he plays. He participates in football, as well as wrestling.
Both sports were out of season in July, but his most recent sporting activity was the open wrestling event. Although it’s not known if any of the athletes he wrestled that day have herpes, according to Martinez two of them had shingles outbreaks on their foreheads.

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