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It would seem as though the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has come up with yet another brilliant idea to save the government health care money. The task force wants young women to postpone having (Pap test) until they are 21.

Young women are becoming sexually active at a much younger age 15 to 19, along with this sexual activity comes the risk of (STD’s) Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Each time you are sexually active with a new partner you are multiplying the risk of becoming infected. A person can be infected with STD’s for up to 5 years without any signs or symptoms, therefore infecting everyone they are sexually active with.

If young women do not see the health care provider once a year for a Pap Test when they are sexually active, or at any point that she thinks there is a chance she has become infected with STD’s she is at risk of having (Cervical Cancer). Delaying these tests can put thousands of young women at risk of this deadly disease if not caught in time.  

A Pap test will let your health care provider know if there are any abnormal cells present that pose a threat of cervical cancer for women. There is also a HPV test that will detect high-risk HPV strains in the DNA of your body cells. Cervical cancer kills thousands of women each year, having a Pap test can actually save your life.

The new (Pap test) guidelines as put forth by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force are as follows:

· Women are advised to get their first test at age 21. Previously, the recommendation was to start Pap tests three years after becoming sexually active or at age 21, whichever came first.

· Most women 21 to 30 should have a Pap test once every two years instead of every year.

· Women 30 and older who’ve had three consecutive negative tests and no abnormal history need to be re-screened only once every three years.

· No changes are recommended for older women. After no abnormal Pap result for 10 years and three or more negative results consecutively, women can stop the test at age 65 or 70.

For more information check this site:   U.S. News

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