Valtrex Commercials

A friend of mine suggested that I Google “Valtrex Commercials” and blog on my findings. I have to admit it would take a few good men to keep me from losing my cool – Where are Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Jose Quervo when you need them?

It never ceases to amaze me at just how idiotic those on the supposed “outside of STD’s” genuinely are. Reminds me of another story I will have to share later, but to remain on the topic of Valtrex Commercials for now, I wanted to share this article as Exhibit A.

A question is brought up; wondering if the girl from the commercials even considered the fact that someone thought she was “perfect” for the role and wondered if that concerned her. Well I may not be That Valtrex Girl, but I am A Valtrex Girl. I have the honor of being called “The Lead Patient Advocate for Valtrex” I have had the distinct pleasure of having my name, photo and story appear in magazines, news segments and even a Valtrex video. Certainly there is a great deal of pride that goes into the work I have done and will continue to do, because I have developed strength and a cause from something that COULD have been devastating.

Next they bring up the mention of “crimp in the dating life” and to that I would have to say Pfft! It certainly didn’t crimp my dating life. In fact, I found more men that were very pleased to find I was one of a lesser percentile of “Honest” women, than the women they had been dating. But, I have sense gotten married to a man who does not have herpes STILL and we have been married for just over a year and have yet to act like anything other than newlyweds! Get my drift?

Lastly I can tell you from Experience that family dinners and reunions are not even remotely close to what you describe. In fact, my family gatherings usually consist of family members asking questions for a friend they have who has herpes and getting information they may take back to them that would provide them with the knowledge they need to protect assholios like you!

It must be very sad to have such a limited sense of self being that you would have to target a population that actually puts you at tremendous risk of munching your own words some day. Given the fact that 1in 4 adults have herpes and ONLY 10% of them actually know it?? I suppose the bright side one idiot could look at here is at least they have better odds at getting something because they sure aren’t looking at winning a Pulitzer prize in this lifetime!

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