Triggers of Recurring Outbreaks

Most people I know who are living with herpes have reported their recurring outbreaks being most often triggered by emotional stress. Stress tends to activate the autonomic nervous system, and in turn increase your body’s production of adrenalin or other neurotransmitters that may very well play a key role in recurring outbreaks. It should also be considered that stress can and does affect the bodies natural immune system. Many people living with herpes have reported outbreaks occurring most often when their immune system is challenged by cold, flu’s or other common sicknesses. Thus the common belief that a cold sore is caused by a cold. It’s not!

Based on stories of those living with herpes and their personal experience and feedback, it is most certain that reducing the stress in your everyday life can play a key role in reducing the number of outbreaks and have positive affect on the individual with genital herpes.

When I asked people living with herpes what triggered their outbreaks, some reported the benefits from diets with increased lysine and decreased arginine levels. Although research does not support this belief, for patients suffering with herpes lysine supplements have shown some positive result. These supplements are available at any health food store or pharmacy in the vitamin section.

Some people have reported increased outbreaks due to excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine. Avoiding either or both should be considered in a patient with frequent recurrences.

Other people living with herpes have found a connection between recurring outbreaks and chocolate, nuts and rice, among other food items. However, these are the most commonly reported.

It’s recommended that you keep a journal of your food intake to help rule out food related possibilities that may or may not be linked to recurring outbreaks.

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