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I am actually a fan of both H-Cold Sores and Dynamiclear. I have been a longtime fan of essential oils as an alternative to expensive prescriptions so it seemed natural that I would be drawn to natural products when I was diagnosed. After using both products, here’s what I can tell you…

First, my thoughts on H-Cold Sores!  H-Cold Sores does have a strong “herbal” smell.  So if you can handle a smelling a little ‘different’ then H-Cold Sores is a great product!

Furthermore, while company behind H-Cold Sores can’t and does not promote the product for any condition besides herpes, I have used it for everything from wrinkles to bug bites.  I was even able to rid myself of a nasty case of tinea versicolor, which is a long term fungal infection of the skin.  As a herpes treatment, I find H-Cold Sores to be soothing with its cooling sensation which is especially comforting for the burning feeling of a herpes outbreaks.  To the contrary, if overused, it can have adverse effects.  As with any product, use it only as directed for maximum benefit.

Both products provide a guarantee which speaks volumes for each company’s belief in their product.

Later after given a sample of Dynamiclear I became a fan right away. Once a lesion appears, I simply pop it and apply Dynamiclear – it does BURN in a big way, but that lasts only a couple seconds. Once that passes, the rest of the day, I am irritation free. After a couple of days, the lesion is gone.

Because herpes and it’s symptoms vary so much from person to person each person will do well exploring the various treatments available to find what works for them.  Either product may or may not take a bit longer than my results, depending on how their body reacts, but that’s for each person to find out.

Dynamiclear is quicker to gain result, has no odor and is a bit more pricey, BUT both products will last for a very long time if used according to directions.

H-Cold Sores is more affordable, does have a ‘unique’ smell and may take a little longer to heal my outbreak, but it does provide a great deal of relief from the burning associated with my outbreaks.

Dynamiclear burns like a mother for just a very short time.  I’ve always had good result with both products and use both depending on the outbreak and what’s going on at the time. If I’m going shopping or going to be around people – I choose Dynamiclear simply because I don’t want the odor. When it’s just me and the family vegging at home, I choose H-Cold Sores – mostly for the affordability factor. Regardless, both bottles I have are over a year old and will provide me with another year of treatments still. So in all, I guess both are cost effective when it comes right down to it.

I hope my personal reviews and experiences don’t confuse you too much because both products have pro’s and con’s but this is my absolute honest opinion of both products.

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