Things You Should Know About HPV

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common (STD) sexually transmitted disease in the world.

HPV information that is available through your health care provider tells us that one person out of five will experience some type of (STD) infection within their lifetime.

The fact is you can be infected with (HPV) and not realize it, you may not experience any signs or symptoms. For this reason both men and women should educate themselves with more HPV information that states both should be tested every year for STDs.

Most of the more than 100 different types of HPV virus are harmless and can actually clear up with time. Everyone should educate themselves with more HPV information, which will make you less likely to become infected.

Within the 100 different types of HPV virus, there are those that are considered “low risk” these cause genital and anal warts that can be controlled with treatment and medication. High risk, HPV virus infection can cause lesions that will eventually become pre-cancerous and later cervical, anal or genital cancers.

Condoms should always be used to protect you against sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV viruses. HPV information that is widely available, will tell you that while wearing a condom protects you against HPV infections, there are no guarantees. Condoms may not cover the entire genital area and the condom may have breaks in the surface which will cause leaks and expose you to infection. We also need to remember that we are exposed to the unprotected anus while engaging in a sexual act.

While searching HPV information you will also learn that each time you engage in a sexual act with a new partner, you are exposing yourself to everyone that they have been sexually active with over the past five years.

HPV infection can take place without penetration, due to skin to skin contact with the penis, vagina scrotum, vulva and anus. Engaging in oral sex and touching an infected genital area with the mouth will cause HPV infection as well.

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