That special some one has found me – A Herpes Dating Success Story

That special someone has found me and we’re getting married.

Thanks for having a site like Positive Singles.

We talked about 2 weeks before meeting. I live in New Jersey and he lives in Maryland. I made the first trip there to meet him. Initially, I took my time in getting back to him because I was wrapped up in someone else I just wasn’t entirely available. Of course that person didn’t feel the same, thankfully.

I’d also met him on your site.

Once I realized there was no future, I moved on and responded to the email that had been waiting in my inbox. He was very nice on the phone and I had a good feeling, so I took that 2 hour drive to Maryland.

I couldn’t be happier! He is a very special person. Thanks to Positive Singles, I met him. We are now engaged. In less then 3 months.

I  know it seems rather sudden, but when its right its right.

Thanks again – I owe Positive Singles so much for introducing me to the love of my life.

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