Thank You Michael Douglas–Maybe

It’s said that in a recent interview, Michael Douglas blamed his own battle with throat cancer on oral sex.

The Guardian quoted Douglas as attributing his illness to the HPV virus spread through oral sex. When asked about his cancer, Douglas said, “without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus)…” [ FULL ARTICLE ]

Douglas representatives would later dispute claiming misinterpretation which, if true, is pathetic.

My comments:

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and the leading cause of cervical cancer. With so many people thinking oral sex is safe sex, it seems rather obvious that oral sex is attributing to a larger number of throat and mouth cancers.

Women are usually unaware of an HPV infection until they have an abnormal pap test. The HPV strains that cause cervical cancer are almost always undetectable in men.

It really doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots to figure out what is safe and what isn’t. But it does take a responsible brain to stay safe. People need to know who they are involved with. It baffles my mind that so many people are so willing to ask a person to get naked on date 1, but are uncomfortable asking a person to undergo REAL and COMPLETE STD testing.

By real and complete I do mean that asking a doctor for an STD screen is NOT enough!

If you ask your doctor for a complete STD screen – you will be tested for Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. All of which can be CURED with a pill.

If you ask your doctor for a complete STD screen with the additional testing for Herpes, HPV and HIV – you will get the tests you would normally think you were getting with the basic request. 

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