Testing Herpes

STD Check arranges your blood test through “Direct Access Testing”.  That means they arrange for you to “skip” the “middleman”- the doctor.  (Just by skipping a doctor’s visit, you are already saving both money and time.)  Instead of sending you to a doctor’s office, STD Check arranges the first step of a blood test – that is, collecting your blood specimen (your blood “draw”) – directly with a clinic located as close as possible to your home or workplace Zip Code.  It will always be a state certified clinic, exactly like one your own doctor might send you to for your blood draw.  Using your Zip Code, STD Check searches their own database of 4,000+ clinics nationwide to locate a clinic they contract with that is in or at least near your city or town, no matter where you live in America. STD Check contract with 4,000+ clinics that enables them to get your blood drawn for as much as 65% LESS than they normally charge the local doctors.  Most clinics charge “$25-$45” for a blood draw.  The arrangement STD Check has with those same clinics is to get your blood drawn for only “$15”.  It’s the same clinic, the same professional collection of your blood specimen…you simply pay $10-$30 less for it through STD Check.

The clinic will draw your blood based on a written blood test order signed by a STD Check staff physician (your physician’s signature is NOT needed and that can protect your privacy if desired).  STD Check does NOT charge extra for this.  Then it’s arranged directly with a nationally and state accredited analytical laboratory to analyze your blood and send the STD Check staff physician your test results.  When your results are received by STD Check, they are then sent directly and confidentially to you, NOT to your doctor or to anyone else…that is, UNLESS you specifically instruct them to do so!

In summary:  At no extra charge, STD Checks physician (not yours) orders your blood test without making you first pay for an exam.  STD Check then earns lower prices for you at the clinics AND at the labs by sending them a larger volume of business from all over the country.  It is these and other cost-saving factors they employ that enable STD Check to arrange the same high caliber of blood test services for you as a doctor does.  Ultimately accomplishing this for 40-70% LESS cost to you overall…than you traditionally have paid when going through your own doctor to arrange a blood test!

Visit STD Check if you have any further questions or to order your tests now.

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