Herpes Disclosure in a New Relationship is Never Easy

Disclosing the fact that someone has herpes is not an easy thing to do, but failure to do so might cause serious legal issues. There have been cases where people have been charged with a crime for knowingly engaging in sexual relations with someone and not disclosing their herpes infection. […] Read more »

Herpes Dating Guide

Dating tends to be quite stressful when you take into account, the people that carry emotional baggage from former relationships. When you factor in herpes, dating becomes even more stressful. Not only does a person carry the emotional baggage from a former relationship, they also carry a constant reminder of […] Read more »

Top Tips for Herpes Dating

There are Millions Just Like You: It’s time you start believing this statement. According to recent statistics, about 70 percent of the US population has Herpes Simplex Virus – 1 (typically called Oral Herpes) while another 20 percent is infected with Herpes Simplex Virus – 2 (typically called Genital Herpes). […] Read more »