What Everyone Should Know About Herpes Testing

Unless you have had a recent type-specific blood test to test for the existence of herpes simplex antibodies you cannot say with any certainty that you don’t have herpes. You think that only 20% of the population has herpes? Think again! You may have heard that one out of every […] Read more »

Thank You Michael Douglas–Maybe

It’s said that in a recent interview, Michael Douglas blamed his own battle with throat cancer on oral sex. The Guardian quoted Douglas as attributing his illness to the HPV virus spread through oral sex. When asked about his cancer, Douglas said, “without wanting to get too specific, this particular […] Read more »

Herpes and STD Testing

We often hear from people who are newly diagnosed with Herpes and are piercing themselves trying to pinpoint “where” they may have contracted this virus. In effort to help minimize the questions that often plague people following a herpes diagnosis, we recommend that every couple be STD tested together prior […] Read more »

Researchers Knew 1940s Experiments To Infect Guatemalans With STDs Were Unethical

The panel formed to investigate research conducted by the United States in the 1040’s that involved purposely infecting Guatemalan prisoners, prostitutes and mental patients with sexually transmitted diseases says the scientists involved in the experiments knew their work was unethical. The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues isn’t […] Read more »