50 Year Old Male Shares His Story of Living with Herpes for Nearly 30 Years

Fifty-year-old male living with Herpes and HPV diagnosed eight years into his marriage – that was almost 30 years ago. He had not been unfaithful to his wife, so this is a perfect example of those living with the virus and not knowing. He remained married for many years – […] Read more »

Living with an STD Anonymous Survey/Interview – Invitation to Participate

If you are living with a life-altering STD, you know how important it is to help break the social stigma that surrounds us. If you would like to be a part of a movement that helps alter the way people look at you, please take a couple of minutes to […] Read more »

She Got Herpes and is on a Mission to Tell Everyone About It

  Ella Dawson was devastated when she was diagnosed with genital herpes at her campus health center a few days before her 21st birthday. In her episode of “What’s Underneath,” Ella removes layer after layer of clothing — and shame — as she opens up about how she transitioned from […] Read more »