Herpes Simplex 2

The Herpes Simplex 2 virus or the HSV 2 most commonly causes the genital herpes illness. It is a sexually transmitted disease (virus) that affects a huge number of sexually active people in the US and in other parts of the world. In fact, it is estimated that one in […] Read more »

Genital Herpes Transmission

Unfortunately, genital herpes has become a very common sexually transmitted disease in both the US and worldwide.  Between the late 1970s and the early 1990s, the number of Americans with a genital herpes infection increased by some thirty per cent. The largest increase has been among teens and young adults. […] Read more »

HSV1 vs. HSV2 clarification

Question: Can you catch HSV2 via oral sex? I was reading various informational sites so I can get more familiar with this virus and I don’t know if I am misinterpreting some of the information. I was always taught and have read that you can have oral HSV1 and genital […] Read more »