Condom that fights sexually-transmitted diseases

Imagine a condom that not only stops pregnancy but also kills germs that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). A condom like this has just received approval for mass production in Australia. “Consumers can expect to see the ‘ground-breaking new sexual health’ product on the shelves soon,” Peter Carroll, […] Read more »

Condoms 101

What is a condom? A condom is a form of birth control. You can use it with your partner(s) to try not to get pregnant. A condom also helps protect you from some sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). A condom is a thin covering, usually made of latex rubber. A man […] Read more »

Pennsylvania School District STD’s

Pennsylvania school districts have an alarming outbreak of (STD’s) and pregnancies. The school administrators are desperate to solve these problems. The Times Herald-Record news paper and Fox TV News reported that an estimated 10% of 3000 students are infected with (STD’s) in Delaware Valley School District alone. The number of […] Read more »

Things You Should Know About HPV

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common (STD) sexually transmitted disease in the world. HPV information that is available through your health care provider tells us that one person out of five will experience some type of (STD) infection within their lifetime. The fact is you can be infected with […] Read more »