Swollen Lymph Nodes


The lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen for weeks now. I know that genital herpes can cause swelling in the lymph nodes of your groin, but can oral herpes cause swelling in the lymph nodes of your throat? I really don’t have any explanation for why this is happening, or why it’s lasted so long. I went to the doctor again yesterday because after being put on a round of antibiotics a few weeks ago, they didn’t help in any noticeable way. I really don’t feel like my doctor understood the problem, no matter how clearly I tried to explain myself.

Also, the swelling seems to get increasingly bad at night. Anyone have insight on this?


Lymph nodes are just your body’s way of storing junk temporarily until it can flush it out. Sometimes they get clogged.

When that happens many have reported finding relief from standing in a hot shower and doing a simple massage. Make a fist and drag your knuckles down over them, firmly, but not so that you are causing pain. You are basically encouraging your body to flush the junk.

You can Google deep tissue massages, too. Some of them you can do yourself, some might be easier with a friend.

However, if your lymph nodes in the neck are swollen to long, it’s time for an ENT consult if you haven’t had one already. It’s not likely to be due to oral herpes but many other things can cause it.

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