Suppressive Therapy – HSV2

suppressive therapy


Does a person need to take suppressive therapy if they get very few outbreaks? What can you take to protect the other person if you don’t get outbreaks that much?


This is a personal choice that should be discussed between you and your partner.

That said, the only thing proven to reduce asymptomatic shedding is taking antiviral therapy on a daily basis. The cheapest option for this is acyclovir which is available at Walmart on their $4.00 prescription list. Valtrex gets prescribed a lot because you only take it once daily and a lot of people prefer that convenience.

If you decide not to use suppressive therapy and want something over-the-counter to treat the outbreaks when they occur – I highly recommend H-ColdSores or Dynamiclear. Both are topical ointments and I’ve detailed each product here on HerpesGirl under the treatments tab.

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