Suppressive Therapy for Herpes


I contacted my doctor to ask for a prescription for Acyclovir. The doctor was unavailable so I spoke with his nurse. The nurse asked if I was having an outbreak, I said no. She then asked when I experienced my last OB. I told her the last was when I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. She then asked why did I want the medication if I didn’t experience any OB’s.  I explained that I read about the drug and learned that people with fewer OB’s can take it as suppressive therapy to help minimize shedding. She insisted I didn’t need to take it if I didn’t have outbreaks and that they only prescribe the meds to those with OB’s. Finally I said, what if I wanted to sleep with a guy, can’t I protect him better if I take the meds/condoms together as opposed to just condoms? At that point she said okay and faxed over my prescription.

My question is, people with few or less OB’s don’t have to take anything? I’m not in a relationship nor do I have sexual partner but I feel I should have the meds ready in case I decide to sleep with someone. What should I do?


You do have a good plan. It’s good to have the medication there in the event you might need it once you start a new relationship.

You don’t have to treat your ob’s ever if you don’t want to. That is entirely your choice. It does sound like at this time, just treating ob’s as you have them is going to work for you. You are prepared though should you meet someone you are interested in so that you can start suppressive therapy then while waiting for their test results to come back.

Keep in mind that you should be on your meds at least five days prior to engaging in any intimate activity.

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