Stories from People Living With An STD

The information you will find on the Yoshi2me site are true stories written by real people. Feel free to browse the stories of those who have overcome the stigmas associated with living with an STD.

Help make a difference by sharing your story. You can share as little or as much information as you’d like.

Both Herpes Girl and Yoshi2me want folks with Herpes or HPV to realize that life does go on.

Perhaps other people reading about how you coped with your diagnosis or how you told a partner will help to inspire others to share their stories.

View some of the stories by clicking the links below:


A father’s love for his daughter
A Story by Fizzonline
A Story about the Indy Gathering
A Telling Story with a Twist

Be Positive
Cold Sores
Confident things will go well
Don’t let it keep you down
Find Peace with Yourself
Friends, Lovers and Soul Mates: In Our Own Words
From Diagnosis to Recovery
He totally 100% accepted me
Herpes Down Under
Herpes is a Minor Inconvenience
Humbled by Herpes
I am much more than herpes
I Have HSV and HPV
International Herpes Week
It’s not the end of the world
Life With Herpes: One Woman’s Story
Medical Ignorance I Experienced
My H Story
My Herpes Testimony
My HPV Story

My new life after herpes
My Silly Online Dating Story
Offended Moments: Starting with the Doctor
Positive Is Powerful
Risk and Reward
Self-Esteem and Herpes
Stupid HSV Virus
Super Quick Herpes Story
Telling Isn’t Easy

The Ultimate Ego Battle
Whod’a Thunk It?
Yeah, I’m Abstinent

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