Sexually Transmitted Diseases

· American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association – Organization devoted to the control and study of sexually transmitted diseases.

· American Social Health Association – Sexually transmitted disease information and education.

· CDC National Prevention Information Network – CDC’s service for distributing HIV/AIDS, STD and TB information.

· Global Campaign for Microbicides – Advocates worldwide for user-controlled HIV and STD prevention tools; microbicides, female condoms and cervical barriers. Find details about the campaign, regional activities, and news and media.

· Health Awareness Connection STD Guide – Health education in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

· Human Development Resource Council – International non-profit educational organization specializing in medically cited materials on fetal development, sexually transmitted diseases, and abortion.

· International Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research – Offers general information, its upcoming conferences and contact details.

· International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections – Achievement of international cooperation in the control of sexually transmitted diseases.

· MedlinePlus: Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Directory of factsheets, news, and articles.

· Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) – Symptoms, treatments, and prevention details. From

· – STDWeB provides only health screening services. Tests are provided only for personal information and/or risk identification purposes

· Urologychannel: STD’s – Outlines symptoms, transmission methods, diagnosis and treatment.

· Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines – Details of prevention and diagnostic measures, recommended treatments, discussions of special populations such as pregnant women and the HIV-positive, from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Intended for health-care professionals.

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