Sexually explicit information in the hands of 10-year-olds

A north Carolina mother says her daughter came home with a flyer explaining how a sexually transmitted disease is contracted.

A new law in North Carolina requires public schools to help educate parents on human papillomavirus – or HPV. But 10-year-old Erica Cuellar got the flyer at her elementary school. She was one of about 100 students at D.F. Walker Elementary who took the information to her parents. Her mom Barbara was shocked by what was in her child’s backpack.

“It talks about things kids in high school probably should see. It’s words I can’t even say (on television),” Barbara explained.

Granted, 10 is a bit young, but seriously, I’m sure the words that were on the paper weren’t any the kiddos could have figured out anyway.

With the average age of teens having their first sexual encounter being twelve, I’d say that it’s right on course for getting the information out there.

My own kids were saying the names of STD’s at the age of 7. I’ve explained many things to them in a way they could understand. Granted, I left out all the parts detailing sex and intercourse, but still, they became familiar with the names of the diseases just the same.

At least when they are faced with such issues as discussing these topics, they won’t be afraid of the words, thereby making them more comfortable with the discussion.

The point parents need to realize here is IF you don’t teach your kids, someone else will! Would you rather it be the school? Or would you rather it be the kid in their class that’s the walking poster child for sexually transmitted diseases?

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