Scroguard Offers a Full Coverage Protective Barrier During Sexual Relations


A couple of years after I became active in the H community, I dated a guy who had one of the most severe cases of OCD I have personally seen. While he had been diagnosed with both HSV and HPV, and posed a much greater threat to me, than I did to him, he still acted like sex was a monumental risk to him. I had not realized his “phobia” of sex until we had dated for a while and the relationship took a natural, intimate turn.

The first time we were intimate, he acted like I had the plague and that his only objective was for him to get in, get off and get in the shower. I kid you not!

Being the “second chances” kind of girl that I am, I discussed my concern and stayed with him about a month longer. He seemed to understand, but time would tell.

The second time we engaged in physical intimacy, it was the same as the first.

I was left feeling empty, rejected and unsatisfied. I couldn’t continue to date someone like that. I made the comment to him at that time, that he was either going to have to invent a full-body condom or he was going to have to become a Monk.

We parted ways and nothing else was ever said.

When I received a Scroguard in the mail, as a review sample, my thoughts immediately turned to that boyfriend from SO long ago.

I know that man is not the only person with such an intense phobia of contracting another STD or transmitting the one he has to someone else.

It may not be the most attractive thing and could take some getting used to – but in my opinion, and based on the experiences of I have heard over the last 15 years, I would say the Scroguard is brilliant.

I have always been an evangelist for H people NOT restricting themselves to H people only. There are too many people who have it that don’t know they have it – however, if there is the slightest bit of apprehension on the part of either person, Scroguard could be just the thing to prevent a relationship disaster, but rather, provide the security net needed to explore the relationship to it’s full potential.

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  1. Jim S says:

    This is marketed as a full coverage condom protect from STDs, unfortunately according to their own site: Scroguard™ is not a medical device and has not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

    They are completely misrepresenting the usefulness of their product.

    • Gayla says:

      I received a sample for review and while it’s not been approved by the US FDA, it doesn’t take more than common sense to see that it’s a much better option than the alternatives. With the exception of abstinence of course.

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