Phil Robertson’s warning about sexually transmitted diseases was more politically loaded than it seemed

Robertson’s point, in a speech heavy with cultural admonitions, was that America had moved away from Biblical values. America, he begged, “I don’t want you to die early! If you’re disease-free and she’s disease-free and you’re married. You keep your sex right there. You won’t get sick from a sexually transmitted disease. Come on!” (He’s made this argument before, which probably won’t surprise you.) Who’s to blame? “It’s the revenge of the hippies! Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll have come back to haunt us in a bad way.”

Robertson’s correct about the figure. The number of total sexually transmitted infections counted by the CDC in 2008 was 110 million, some 36 percent of the population at that point. More than one-in-three — a rather overwhelming revenge from those hippies.

Full article and video on Washington Post

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