Sony Execs Worried About Stars Spreading Herpes – Required Them to Fill Out Cold Sore Questionnaire

New documents released by Wikileaks Thursday demonstrate an attempt by Sony to prevent the spread of herpes on film sets, according to Radar Online. First obtained during last year’s Sony hack, a new cache of stolen documents has been published, mostly regarding legal and financial matters but also including a […] Read more »

Herpes Story – Michael

Around, I think, mid 2007 I noticed a cut, kind of like a paper cut, on the shaft of my penis. I think it also hurt a bit when I peed. It was a bit itchy and tender but it soon cleared up and I thought no more about it. […] Read more »

A law school graduate faces sanctions for lying about former husband and herpes

Few things end well that start with Craigslist and a private eye. That was the lesson for Lynn Louise Taylor, newly graduated from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad Law Center and facing legal sanctions for lying in court. She’s accused of hiring a private investigator to anonymously trash her ex-husband’s […] Read more »