Oral Herpes Resources

· CenterWatch: Cold Sores (Herpes Labialis Infections) – Listing of clinical research trials.

· Cold Sores – Factsheet on these small, fluid-filled blisters, their symptoms, cause, diagnosis and treatment.

· Cold Sores (Mouth Herpes) – Factsheet in question and answer format.

· Cold Sores + Shingles – Information on the various treatments available for oral herpes and some additional references to treatment of shingles.

· eMedicine Health – Cold Sores – Consumer health resource center providing information on causes, symptoms, and treatment.

· Herpes simplex – Fact sheet on symptoms, development, treatment and prevention of cold sores.

· Herpes Viruses Association: About Cold Sores – Information and advice from the UK charity formed by patients themselves.

· Herpes-Coldsores.Com – Find information about herpes and cold sores including signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and how it is spread and prevention. Includes further resources and a message board.

· MedicineNet: Herpes simplex Infections (Non-genital) – Information on cold sores and fever blisters including symptoms, transmittal, recurrence, diagnosis and treatment.

· NetDoctor: Cold Sores – Factsheet on this common infection caused by the Herpes simplex virus, causes, symptoms, treatment and possible complications.

· Patient UK: Cold Sores – Factsheet with details of causes, symptoms, self-care and treatment.

· Wikipedia: Herpes labialis – Encyclopedia article on this infection of the lip and face by the Herpes simplex virus.

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