Open Letter to Healthcare Providers from Your Herpes Patient

open letter to a herpes doctor

Dear Healthcare Provider,

I fully trust you and your abilities to help ease this agony. My mind is focusing on little else outside the actual physical misery. Soon I will enter your office to find myself being diagnosed with Genital Herpes. As soon as I hear those words spill across your lips, I will plunge into a level of shock and denial and will hear little else you have to say including the reassuring references you will make as to how common this diagnosis is.

In my mind I will begin to curse myself for being human and giving in to natural human desire. I will begin to curse the person that led me to your office. I will suddenly wish I were dead rather than face a life as this new diseased person I have just become. The fear and embarrassment that will overcome me is far more profound than the physical pains I am suffering and will take much longer to come to terms with.

In a matter of 15 minutes in your examination room, you will completely alter my life with this diagnosis of genital herpes. In as little as one additional minute you can provide me with information that can benefit me and my emotional well being in the many days, weeks and even months that will follow.

Although you mentioned that Herpes is a common virus that does effect a very large population, I will continue to feel as though I am very much alone. I will feel as though I am a child of a lesser God. I will convince myself that I will be stereotyped as someone in a society of promiscuity.

Upon returning home I will take the medication you prescribed and wait for the immediate relief I think it will offer. I am unaware it could take days to truly take affect until I remove the insert the pharmacist placed in the bag along with my prescription and read it carefully. At this point, it would be nice to find additional information on a topical ointment or treatment that may help to ease the immediate pain I am experiencing.

Once I have been able to truly comprehend the information about my medication and treatment options, it would be comforting to find information on my local support group or perhaps websites I could visit where I could chat anonymously online with people who are just like me or read personal accounts of those who have traveled the same road I have just begun.

Perhaps you would consider The Original Herpes Home Page. Here I would find an entire community of people living with genital herpes, message boards that would empower me to find answers almost immediately to the many questions that may come to mind in the middle of the night when I am unable to sleep or perhaps during the many days of isolation that I will subject myself to, because I will feel unworthy to blend into the outside world. Through this website I can begin to realize there is life after herpes and many ways to end the aloneness I am certain to suffer. I will actually find ways to blend back into a world where human desire is not a life sentence.

You are my chosen healthcare provider and trust you will do everything in your power to encourage the best options for complete recovery that meet my individual needs. I realize you and your busy schedule cannot be burdened with flood of questions that will begin to manifest and this is why I am asking you to give me the ongoing gift of hope and peace of mind. Please take the time to introduce me to the vast world of resources that are available rather than allow me walk from your office into a world of isolation and darkness.

The information you place in my hands before I leave your office will provide you with a means to take your physician’s oath to make the health of your patient your first consideration to its highest potential.


Your Patient

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