Natural Herpes Treatments Without a Prescription

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We are all in possession of the greatest method that always tells us when it’s time for a change. Our bodies are much like a fine-tuned machine that will issue an alert when something is working, and most importantly, when it’s not.

In a world of microwave ovens, smart phones and drive thru restaurants, we have become a society that has grown to rely on ease and quick fixes to what ails us, with prescription and over-the-counter medications. Have a headache? Take a pill! Have a leg cramp? Take a pill! Have genital herpes? Take a pill! Get the picture?

It is this constant overuse and oftentimes, abuse of medication, that so many people realize the need to try a natural approach to treating and/or curing illness. When everything in life is rushed and convenient, it is reassuring to tap into the natural basics that Mother Earth has bestowed upon us.

On any given day, we take unnatural, unhealthy products into our bodies over and over again. From the minute our feet hit the floor and our finger starts the coffee pot, till the time we prepare to crawl into bed, just after rinsing our mouth with our chosen mouthwash. How can we be certain that everything we have consumed during the day was completely harmless? By opting for natural treatment whenever possible, we can provide some type of balance to the erratic lifestyle we are forced to lead.

It is estimated that 80% of the world population uses alternative medicine, and while the United States has been sluggish in recognizing the benefits, most natural therapies date back hundreds even thousands of years. In a medical survey conducted by The American Journal of Medicine, it is estimated that 40% of adult Americans currently use alternative medicine practitioners. The same report showed that in 1998, a surprising increase in the number of people that visited alternative practitioners over primary care physicians.

What would you say if we were to tell you that genital herpes, that incurable, lifelong, intrusive virus can be treated naturally and affectively with a product that is comprised of 100% organic all natural ingredients? Ingredients that can effectively be absorbed into the blood stream; minimize and in many cases eliminate an outbreak from the first sign of symptom onset? The natural ingredients in H-Cold Sores are carefully selected and blended to offer you just such a benefit. A product that is so affective in healing, yet safe enough to eat, though the taste is a bit unsavory, it is possible.

In an Internet generated survey, more than a thousand men and women who had been positively diagnosed with herpes and suffered from recurring outbreaks were asked a number of questions including questions regarding their treatment preferences. The results of this study gave clear indication that H-Cold Sores is a top rated choice in topical herpes treatment. In this particular study, H-Cold Sores was the chosen treatment outscoring all other treatment options, including the most commonly prescribed treatments by an amazing 600%. It was also a clear indication that H-Cold Sores is the only all natural herpes treatment option that was both used, trusted and found to be effective by those living with herpes.

With the ongoing instability of healthcare and insurance coverage, it is comforting to know we have a choice in the approach we take to our personal health treatment options. The leading cause of recurring herpes outbreaks is stress. The loss of jobs, security and health coverage is on a marked increase around the globe. The stress levels of the average person are increasing while their options for the treatment of recurring herpes outbreaks are seemingly decreasing. Knowing that you have the choice of natural and affordable herpes treatment can be a comforting revelation worth exploring.

Though we would never question the abilities of our healthcare providers to diagnose and establish the best treatment options for us, we do encourage you to listen to the voices of those who live with genital herpes. The same people who have tried every possible means to treat and reduce recurring outbreaks. Through their personal accounts and efforts you may just find a regimen that works best for you.

As in any situation where products are being used to treat any health condition, you are encouraged to consult your personal healthcare provider or pharmacist before making any decisions. Though the risk and side effects are extremely rare, allergy and drug interaction should never be disregarded.

What’s even better is you don’t have to rush to an appointment, you don’t have to wait in pain, you can order a natural remedy/treatment online and have it on hand when the next outbreak begins.

I have provided a link to the treatment options I use with complete detail on the products just below. Check them out and I bet you’ll find they work just as well for you.


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  1. I couldn’t find anywhere on the Healing Natural Oils site where they recommended their Cold Sore product for Genital Herpes.

    Their product is listed as “homeopathic” … quack science which the NIH has recently required tag lines clearly indicating homeopathy is not recognized by any scientific body and is in fact based on 1700 A.D. science!

    Their two active ingredients are listed as 12C. For those not knowledgeable with homeopathy … let me explain. The 12C designation in mathematical terms means the dilution is .0000000000001 That’s hardly more than a few molecules per bottle. I suspect the oils they list as “inactive” have more to do with any success than their so-called active ingredients.

    • Gayla says:

      My entire website is created from my own personal experience or that of people I know personally. I was diagnosed in nearly 18 years ago and the products I recommend are because I actually use them. I keep a bottle of these oils on hand at ALL times and I have never found anything that works quite as well at controlling the physical pain while my prescriptions do their job. You can call it quack science all you like, but there are times where personal experience speaks louder and more accurately than the “science” that’s approved, controlled and maintained by the FDA.

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