HSV1 vs. HSV2 clarification



Can you catch HSV2 via oral sex? I was reading various informational sites so I can get more familiar with this virus and I don’t know if I am misinterpreting some of the information.

I was always taught and have read that you can have oral HSV1 and genital HSV1…and I know about genital HSV2, but can someone catch oral HSV2 by performing oral sex on someone with genital HSV2?

And if that is true, then that would mean they have cold sores caused by HSV2. I just never heard of that, so I am little confused.

Also, my boyfriend and I are both positive for HSV2. Do I have to worry about him catching HSV2 in his mouth if he performs oral sex on me?


Yes but it does not happen often. In fact it is considered rare. Even if someone gets oral hsv2, they would be extremely unlikely to have outbreaks since hsv2 does not like the mouth area.

As always with herpes, anything is possible. So, while it is possible it is improbable.

Additionally, both you and your b/f have the same virus so you both have the antibodies that will protect you from getting this virus anywhere else on your body. Getting oral HSVII is rare and even rarer if you already have a HSVII infection. Just avoid oral sex or any sex during an OB.

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