HPV And Oral Sex

Teens seem to think that (STD’s) sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV cannot be spread through oral sex. Specific facts as to how someone gets Hhttp://www.fotosearch.comPV through oral sex are not know as yet. A person does not have to have any signs or symptoms to spread the HPV infection; they may be infected up to 5 years without knowing it.  It is a fact that HPV is linked to diseases in the mouth, the lungs, and the digestive tract.

Infection spread by HPV type 16 is the cause of cancers found on the tonsils, vocal cords and tongue base and in the lungs and esophagus.  HPV types 16-18 are known as high risk that has the potential to cause cancer.

HPV types 6-11 are low risk they are the cause of common warts, like those found most often on the hands of Children. This type of HPV can also in rare cases cause cancer of the vocal cords, and in growths in the mouth or the vocal cords. These types of HPV need to be destroyed by cold, heat, or laser.

Condoms are recommended for your protection against the spread of STD’s although there is no guarantee they can prevent infection. The entire infected genital and anal are not covered by a condom. Penetration does not have to take place for you to become infected with HPV. Skin to skin contact or oral sex with an infected partner’s genital area can spread HPV.

If you think that you are at risk of an HPV infection call your health care provider for an appointment. Helpful information about how to deal with HPV may be provided for you. Treatments for outbreaks may also be discussed, there are all natural treatments available as well that you may ask about.

Never use over the counter treatments before discussing them with your health care provider first, these treatments can cause irreversible damage.

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