How to Remove Warts

The question of how to remove warts, is almost as old as time itself. There have been home remedies, and over the counter treatments for generations, but a cure for the wart virus has yet to be discovered.

Health care providers and scientists are continually researching new methods and procedures on how to remove warts.

There are more than 100 types of human papilloma virus HPV that cause warts 30 of these cause sexually transmitted diseases (STD)’s.

How to remove warts – each type of wart calls for a different type of removal process. Health care providers are best qualified to answer the question of how to remove warts. There have been occasions where a cancerous growth has been mistaken for a wart, or callus this mistake can prove fatal.

Figuring out how to remove warts such as foot warts can be difficult, because the bulk of the wart are beneath the skin surface. When a patient asks how to remove warts the reply generally includes the application of chemicals, surgically removing them, laser treatment or electrosurgery.

Patients with numerous flat warts asking how to remove warts are often told the procedure includes peeling, applying a daily application of salicylic acid, tretinion, glycolic acid or other peeling procedures. Some treatments require periodic office visits.

Eliminate Warts Now! is a certified organic essential oil treatment free of chemicals, and pesticides. The product comes highly recommend by health care providers as an alternative method to the more expensive treatments in wart removal. Case studies of the effectiveness of Eliminate Warts have shown considerable relief and positive outcome.

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