Herpes Virus Used To Fight Melanoma Cancer

Researchers estimate that there will be approximately 9 thousand deaths caused by diagnosed Melanoma cancer, this year in the US alone.  Doctors will also diagnose yet another 70 thousand people in the US this year, with melanoma. Exciting news for treating this deadly is now being tested. Doctors are now giving an (STD) sexually transmitted disease, Herpes virus injection to melanoma patients to kill the cancer. This is the first new treatment for melanoma cancer in the past decade.http://www.fotosearch.com

Ira Dickstein, an avid bird watcher has not only been looking for rare birds, for the past several years he is also looking for a cure for his melanoma as well.

Gregory Daniels, M.D., Ph.D., a medical oncologist at the University of California in San Diego, stated that the Herpes virus can be specifically engineered to target cancer cells.

When a form of the herpes virus is injected directly into the patient’s melanoma lesions, the body will recognize the virus is in the body, this in turn increases a patient’s immune response.

A patient’s body will automatically recognize the herpes virus is causing a dangerous situation and attracts a response to the virus.

Ira Dickstein’s lesions that the doctor injected directly shrunk, while one disappeared completely, other lesions on his body were starting to go backwards.

Ira is feeling very optimistic about his body’s response to the injections and feels that his search for a cure may be coming to an end at last.

Finally this rear bird watcher can get back to what he loves best, without the constant worry of trying to find a cure for his melanoma cancer.

Men are found to have melanoma more often than women; the white race is 10 times more likely to have melanoma cancer, than African Americans. This cancer does not discriminate when it comes to age, young and old alike are found to have melanoma, it is one of the cancers found most often in teens.

The sun as well as tanning beds are known for their contribution to a patient having melanoma cancer.

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