Herpes Treatment Options

Before going into the treatment options, we wanted to share some tips for managing the symptoms of a genital herpes outbreak:

  • Urinating can be painful, so drink plenty of liquids (preferably water) and it may be less painful to urinate in the bath. Sounds icky, but it works.
  • Apply an ice pack or bathe in cool water.
  • Take a mild pain reliever if needed – most people report positive results with Aleve or Tylenol.
  • Keep the infected area clean and dry – lightly pat the area dry or even use a hairdryer.
  • Wash bath towels and underwear frequently and wear loose clothing during outbreaks.
  • Improve your immune system with a healthy lifestyle including a good diet with plenty of rest and try to lower the stress levels.  This can help to reduce the outbreaks.

Years ago, herpes treatment options included the direct application of deoxyglucose or the actual removal of infected areas by surgery. It was soon found that the former option was ineffective while the latter course often resulted in the spread of the herpes along the scar which was left after the surgery. This is not surprising considering how infectious the herpes virus is.

Thankfully times have changed and treatment options are much less dramatic. In reality, treating herpes and herpes outbreaks is actually quite easy.

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