Herpes Resources

· The Big Picture Book of Viruses – Herpesviruses – Microscope photos of various Herpes causing viruses.

· Herpes – The Evasive Intruder – Information regarding transmission, treatment, medication, symptoms, and current research.

· Herpes Information Center – The herpes case counter calculates the estimated number of new herpes cases this year. Also learn answers to common questions and available treatment options.

· Herpesalliance.org – International coalition of medical professionals offering resources and management information on herpes.

· MicrobeWiki: Herpesviridae – Classification, description and significance, genome structure, cell structure, metabolism and ecology.

· New Zealand Herpes Foundation – Includes contact information and objectives.

· The Original Herpes Home Page – Includes discussion board and general information.

· Take Control of Herpes and Your Health – Useful resource covering all aspects of the condition.

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