Herpes Outbreaks or Herpes Sores

Over the years I’ve come to realize that not every herpes outbreak is the same. In fact, there are some people that have herpes without ever noticing it because they don’t get signs or symptoms.

We already know that, but even those who do get outbreaks that they can see or feel can vary from person to person. I would like to invite you to post in the comments section and describe for me what your herpes outbreaks are like. I will then share your comment on the main portion of this article.

This will help others to read through the comments and see that herpes outbreaks are so different.

If you’ve never been tested specifically for herpes I strongly encourage you to do so. Perhaps this will help you to know your status for sure. With herpes not being included in routine STD testing process, it’s a good bet you have herpes and don’t know it or even the type may be surprising to you.

— Reader Comments —

My outbreaks are a bit strange compared to what I have read about others. I do not have any cuts, lesions, sores, blisters or anything of that nature. My outbreaks just burn. Its a burning sensation down below. It only last a few days but it feels like a eternity. ~ Amy

I’ve had Genital Herpes Type 1 since 2006 and I was in contact with the virus just a few days prior to symptoms (lesions) from my boyfriend, through a cold sore and oral sex. I had an awful initial outbreak, and then one other very mild outbreak the winter of 06′ and I have not had one since (that I know of) – Jennifer

My first outbreak didn’t include any visible blisters or lesions.  I woke up with what I thought was a horrible urinary tract infection (UTI) which included blood in my urine and major discomfort in the vaginal area.  I went to my gyno on a Thursday who did a pelvic exam, took a culture, looked under the microscope, said I had trichomoniasis and put me on Tindamax for it.  A few days later (Saturday), things still weren’t right and I was still in a great deal of pain so I went to the Urgent Care where they did another pelvic exam and though the Dr. couldn’t say for certain, she did indicate that it looked like herpes and put me on Acyclovir just to be safe.  She sent the culture off for testing and a few days later I was told that I was HSV2+.  I have opted for suppressive therapy and have had one OB since then (30 days) and it included UTI symptoms again with some vaginal discomfort but still no visible blisters or lesions. – Rachel

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