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Herpes message boards have been around for quite a while, more than likely you didn’t begin searching for one until you were looking for a treatment or answers to your own herpes diagnosis.  Well, you are on the right track.

Herpes message boards can be a great place to interact with others who live with the herpes virus, to find out what treatments work for them.  Herpes message boards can be a great support mechanism for times when you feel depressed or isolated from the world.  You can see through the herpes message boards that you are not alone.

A single search on yahoo groups can yield hundreds of herpes message boards and groups to be found.  Many are worldwide, but there’s a good chance a herpes message board is geared toward people in your own state or area.

Many of the HELP groups that are found through ASHA also have what is called a Social Support Group and in these social support groups, you can find the herpes message boards.  There is a complete list of HELP Groups, Social Support Groups and herpes message boards that can be found on Herpes Girl.

Through herpes message boards you can interact with people living with the virus, find out how they handle living day to day with the virus, treatment methods that work best for them, helpful hints to prevent recurring outbreaks and in some cases, those sites to avoid which may be expressing negative, false or outdated information.

Herpes message boards can provide a means to ask questions and get answers both anonymously and confidentially from the privacy of your own home.  If nothing else, they will show you that you are far from being alone.

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