Herpes Diet or Herpes Nutrition

There is no such thing as a true herpes diet and those that believe you have to watch what you eat when you have herpes are just trying to make it seem as though food is the cause of your herpes outbreaks.

There is absolutely no scientific proof to indicate that eating too much OR too little of a specific food in a food group does anything to either cause an outbreak OR keep you from having an outbreak.

I believe that if you would like to see if certain foods trigger your outbreaks then that’s entirely up to you. To insist that all people with herpes should avoid certain foods, well, is just too much!

You should feel free to experiment. Keep a food journal and track of our outbreaks. You also should keep in mind that the herpes virus act the same for all people. Everybody is different.

So if you think eating popcorn is causing you to have an outbreak because  you got one every time you ate pop corn, then you should avoid eating pop corn. But, that doesn’t mean popcorn is bad for all people that have herpes. (This is purely an example)

Do you have something to say about the herpes diet or any type of special herpes nutrition that you have run into on the Internet? Please do provide your feedback.

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