Herpes Dating Guide

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Dating tends to be quite stressful when you take into account, the people that carry emotional baggage from former relationships. When you factor in herpes, dating becomes even more stressful. Not only does a person carry the emotional baggage from a former relationship, they also carry a constant reminder of the deceptions that caused the downfall of that relationship.

This is the burden a person living with herpes faces when attempting to date.

A Recommended Guide to Having The Herpes Talk

Those who face dating with herpes worry about possible ridicule and rejection, which is often drives them into a self-proclaimed, private prison. Often, people living with herpes will remain alone for long periods of time, rather than face the rejection. Rejections that are usually based on a person’s lack of education on the topic of sexually transmitted diseases.

In reality, dating a person with herpes who knowingly admits to having the virus is likely to be safer than dating in the general population. The same population that contains the estimated 90% of people living with herpes and don’t have a clue they actually carry the herpes virus.

Positive Aspects of Dating Someone With Herpes

The positive aspects of dating with herpes are – HONESTY. The person living with herpes has been honest with you to the extent that they faced ridicule and rejection by disclosing this very private information with you.

Another positive aspect of dating with herpes is the fact that a couple is placed in a position of TRUST. It is unlikely that a person dating with herpes and has been honest enough to disclose this information to you will put you in the position of risk. It will encourage communication that will likely minimize the risk of transmission.

Finally another positive aspect that is often overlooked is the fact that dating with herpes encourages a relationship of SUBSTANCE – one that is not based on sex alone. During times of outbreak the couple has the option of exploring alternatives in intimacy that can ultimately increase positive growth in the relationship.

When dating with herpes, the person who carries the virus has a variety of options available to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus.

Recent studies indicate that proper treatment of herpes can reduce the risk of transmission. Herpes outbreaks can also be treated with products that quicken the healing time of lesions and allow the person with herpes to get back to a more normal life, free of their outbreak.

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