Herpes Can Be a Powerful Dating Tool

herpes dating toolbox

I would assume you found your way to this article by researching herpes and all the elements that surround a herpes infection while dating or trying to maintain a relationship where a herpes infection exists. I am very pleased to see you taking the proactive approach and being responsible. The research you are doing, that lead you to this article, is a great step in equipping yourself in a world that seems on the brink of a social scourge. No doubt about it, singles with herpes do face unique challenges, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you might think.

First and foremost, Herpes is NOT a definition of who you ARE. It can, however, be a defining factor in the person you choose to become. Though my experience and the information I present on this website, I hope you will find a way to take your affliction and create a more powerful YOU.

How, you ask?

Ironically enough, throughout my own diagnosis, I found myself in a position to be far wiser than I ever was before! That’s what I want for you. There is no cure for herpes, so people with herpes might as well learn how to make the most of what they must live with.

Here’s how! You can now be more selective in those YOU choose to let enter your life. You have the ability to weed through those who are less deserving of you. By simply telling a person you have herpes, you, in essence have the ability to conduct your own herpes test of sorts. You will truly see that person as they are…

· Are they educated?

· Are they willing to become educated?

· Are they seeking a fly by night relationship or a one-night stand?

· Are they seeking a truly rewarding and committed relationship?

· Are they compassionate?

· Are they Judgmental?

· Are they small minded or are they open minded?

There is such incredible power in your hands now. A real tool that can be used, simply by getting the answers to the questions I’ve listed above!

Once you have the answers and continue your relationship, you may find yourself in a relationship that is not all about SEX. You can find yourself in a relationship that motivates and encourages imagination between two lovers. This imagination can give you the ability to delve into a deeper level, a deeper form of intimacy, than that which can only appear on the surface.

Sure, the outbreaks may be uncomfortable, but they can be treated and controlled. Herpes does not have to be anything more than an occasional inconvenience. If seen in the proper and positive light, this inconvenience that you now have can be powerful.

Do not define yourself as diseased, less than desirable, corrupt or anything on a negative plane. You are going to be just fine! Herpes is not life threatening! Life altering??? Yes! But it is your choice as to how it alters your life.

The absolute most powerful tool at overcoming the stigma is knowledge and taking control over your own life, is knowledge. There are many resources to help you find that strength to stand up; heal both physically and emotionally and rise above!


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