Herpes and Dating


Many of people find it difficult to talk about sexual health but as times change, it’s becoming more important. We continue to discover more about all the different diseases, viruses and infections that are sexually transmitted that proves just how important it is. Herpes is one of these viruses and herpes, like other viruses, can stay in your system for life and there is no cure. This fact that there is no cure for the virus makes people feel hopeless, however, the symptoms themselves can be treated quite effectively.

Herpes and Dating

If you have herpes and you are dating, you need to practice safe sex. If you do not think you have herpes and you are dating, you still need to protect yourself from herpes. Most people who have herpes don’t know they have it and without proper testing, there’s no real way of knowing for sure what you are dealing with.

How Does Herpes Spread?

Herpes is contagious and it is spread by having sexual intercourse or any form of skin-to-skin contact. For example if you have oral sex with a person who has oral herpes (commonly known as cold sores) then you are at risk of catching herpes. Touching, sexual intimacy and kissing are all activities which can spread the virus.

Herpes Dating Sites

While I don’t recommend limiting yourself to such a small dating pool, I do understand there are many who would just as soon avoid having the talk altogether. Thanks to the internet, there are options available to date only in the pool of those living with herpes.

The herpes dating sites we recommend are PositiveSingles and Single-Again.net – However, there is a growing trend in the mainstream dating sites that allows you to recognize someone else with herpes. Simply look for or search for the code “437737” this number spells HERPES on a touch-tone phone.

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