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The Romans gained their knowledge of essential oils from the Greeks who in turn had gained it from the Egyptians. Now it is the turn of the modern world to use healing natural oils for many conditions including Hemorrhoids. H-Hemorrhoids, which will heal all hemorrhoids without any side effects, is produced from the highest quality pure essential oils.

This 100% natural product is organic and contains no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. H-Hemorrhoids is a natural, safe and successful product for you to use when treating hemorrhoids. This formula will heal all hemorrhoids both external and internal and even those that are chronic.

The pure and natural essential oils in this product penetrate your cell membranes to provide immediate relief from hemorrhoids and go on to shrink the hemorrhoid tissue and completely eliminate the hemorrhoids themselves.

H-Hemorrhoids will heal both internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are usually less noticeable because they are deep inside the rectum and usually do not cause any discomfort being mostly harmless. However, external hemorrhoids cause most of the pain, burning and itching. If an external hemorrhoid becomes cut off from its blood supply, a clot can form and this is extremely painful.

A clotted hemorrhoid should be treated immediately with H-Hemorrhoids. When you treat your hemorrhoids the safe and natural way with this proven and effective treatment, it is supported by a 100% guarantee.

H-Hemorrhoids Reviews – H-Hemorrhoids Works

I vowed that if this stuff worked, I would write a review, even though it’s embarrassing to admit I’ve had hemorrhoids twice! So…here I am writing the review because this oil really saved me, and I figure I should write in because maybe it will help other people. I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid several years ago and had to have it surgically removed because of its size, how painful it was, and because nothing worked to treat it. I was mortified when I developed another one several weeks ago. I bought this stuff and am incredulous at how well it is working. I had to be patient at first, but after two weeks of applying it three times a day, I am almost completely healed. I plan to finish the bottle off just to be safe. I did not use any other methods to treat the problem, so either a miracle happened or this oil worked…or maybe both :)


I had bought this hemorrhoid treatment from Healing Natural Oils several years ago and it completely healed my hemorrhoids during the time I used it which was 2 weeks to a month (I stretched it out longer than it specified). A truly remarkable product; well worth investing in if you have any kind of hemorrhoids (severe or minor). Mine were moderate.


This stuff seemed to work for me. I’m still using it for another week or so to make sure those roids are shrunk or disappeared. I know it’s a little pricey, but if your a hemorrhoid suffer you’ll try just about anything until something works and surgery was not one of my preferred options. I used this along with some witch hazel pads(occasional), but you need to stick to the 3 times a day application for the time specified. I’m feeling much better and hope I’m cured or nearly so, who ever knows with roids.


Your product is amazing. I have no problems left. Nothing. Your product worked so well and my hemorrhoids were painful. I feel great now. I cannot believe this!


I am hoping that my testimonial will help someone else with my problem as much as it has helped me. For 8 long years I have suffered with bleeding hemorrhoids. Creams and suppositories have occasionally helped me temporarily but the intense bleeding would start again. I am so thankful for the day I found your website and the encouraging stories other people have shared. I immediately ordered the stop bleeding hemorrhoids and was so anxious to try it. I prayed as I used it and between your oil and the Lord I have had a miracle.

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