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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) in the world. There are more than 20 million reported cases of HPV in the United States alone. The Center for Disease Control estate-mates that the number of HPV infected people may be millions more. The epidemic level of (Genital Herpes) is due to the fact that over half of those infected with HPV and genital warts aren’t even aware of their infection.

When a person has multiple sexual partners they are exposing themselves to a number of STDs including HPV and genital herpes. You can be infected with HPV and genital warts for up to 5 years before any sign or symptoms become obvious. Each time that you are sexually active with a new partner not only are you exposed to any STD’s that they might have, you are also exposed to all of their sexual partners over the past 5 years as well.

Most HPV and genital warts are soft, moist and flesh colored they will appear in the genital area within 3 weeks to 6 months after you have become infected. The warts will at times appear in clusters that resemble cauliflower-like bumps the warts may be either raised or flat, small to large in size. Genital warts may appear in women on the vulva and cervix, inside and surrounding the vagina and anus. In men, genital warts usually appear on the scrotum, penis anal area and at times on the thighs and groin.

HPV and genital warts may cause an expectant mother a number of problems during her pregnancy. Warts will grow at an accelerated pace due to the changes in her hormones. It is extremely important that all pregnant women make their health care provider aware of her HPV infection from the start, to insure a safe delivery

Health care providers may choose to remove HPV warts during a pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby at the time of delivery. When the HPV genital warts are in the urinary tract it will make urinating difficult therefore causing a number of dangerous problems for the mother.

Never try over the counter genital warts treatments, they may cause irreversible damage. Your health care provider will furnish information on genital herpes and give you recommended treatments to treat your outbreak. You can ask them about an all natural treatment that will control your outbreaks as well.

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