Genital Herpes and Brazilian Waxing


I was diagnosed with HSV-1 (genitally) and suffered multiple outbreaks for months, yet I have not had an outbreak the last few months.

I am going to be traveling to see a long distance boyfriend, and hopefully sleep with him for the first time. I have already discussed everything with him and he is well aware of me having HSV-1, and the risks that are involved.

I would like to get a Brazilian wax before going on my trip. My initial concern was that it could cause me to have an outbreak right before my trip, but I am planning on taking Valtrex as a precaution around the time of my appointment. Do you think it’s possible that if my skin is irritated from the waxing, it would make it easier for me to transmit it to him?

I would feel awful if I did something that make the chances higher of me passing it on to him!


Have you had a Brazilian before?

Personally, I would go for a close trim instead. I would be concerned with the irritated skin after the waxing. Although I would not consider the irritation the same as asymptomatic shedding risk, waxing does leave microscopic breaks in the skin. And from the way it sounds, you’ll not have time to let those breaks heal before your encounter.

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