Facts to consider when telling a partner you have herpes

Submitted by a Tainted Touch reader – Facts they list when telling a potential partner.

  1. Approximately 25% of the population has genital herpes and 80% of them do not know they have it.
  2. Carriers of herpes may never have had an outbreak. You can have herpes for years before you have an outbreak…or never have an outbreak.
  3. People with herpes should know what an outbreak feels like coming on so they can know if they may be contagious. Just because they don’t have open sores doesn’t mean they aren’t contagious.
  4. Herpes can be other places besides on your genitals.
  5. Type 1 herpes is from cold sores and while it is harder to pass this to genitals, it can be done. That is what I have. The cold sores don’t have to be open on the mouth.
  6. Genital herpes can be passed to a mouth. But about 80-90% of the adult population already has Type 1 herpes in their mouth, even if they don’t get cold sores. My doctor believes that if you have 1 type of herpes you can’t get the other but she may be wrong.
  7. Genital herpes really only matters to women who are going to have babies. (However people with herpes are at higher risk of getting aids). Aside from that, it is mostly a bother.

Well, you may want to check my facts but this is what I have learned and what I tell my partners…not in such detail but what I think they need to know.

This being said, it is a miracle how under promoted herpes is as a problem in our society.

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