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Formerly known as Choraphor — same great product, brand new name — Introducing – Dynamiclear!

My Personal Thoughts on Dynamiclear: I have genital herpes and I am a huge fan of Dynamiclear. I have been a long time fan of H-ColdSores as well and will tell you what my findings are…

My own thoughts on H-ColdSores! H-ColdSores does have a fairly strong “herbal” smell. So if you don’t mind a little unique scent, H-ColdSores is a great product! And, although the company behind H-ColdSores can’t promote the product for anything other than herpes, I will tell you I have used that stuff for everything from wrinkles to burns. I was even able to rid myself of a nasty skin fungus with this product. They do have a product specifically for fungal infections that would have likely worked faster, but due to low funds, I thought what the hay… I’ll try it!

As a herpes treatment, I find H-ColdSores to soothe and cool the burning of my herpes outbreaks. BUT if overused, it can have adverse effects. So it’s important to USE AS Directed!

Both products provide a guarantee which more than speaks volumes for each companies belief in their product.

A close friend of mine has become one of Dynamiclear’s BIGGEST Fans! He has said that once the lesion is there, he pops it and applies Dynamiclear (he says it Burns! Not Stings!) and within two days it’s gone.

The fact that herpes is SO different from person to person indicates that each person will do well exploring various treatments and finding what works for them. Either product may or may not take a bit longer than our own results, depending on how your body reacts, but that’s for you to find out.

Dynamiclear is quicker to gain result for my husband and has no odor and is a bit more pricey, BUT both products will last for a very long time IF you use it properly.

H-ColdSores is more affordable, does really smell and may take a little longer to help heal FOR me, but it does provide a great deal of relief from the pain associated with the outbreak.

Dynamiclear does BURN for just a few minutes, which I suppose might just be the Wimp in me. I’d always had good result with H-ColdSores and Valtrex, and being a creature that doesn’t adjust to change easily, I fought off the use of Dynamiclear for a long time.

I finally got the nerve to switch and I am however, happy to report that I did find Dynamiclear quite effective – more the quite actually, it’s pretty darn quick!

I know our little reviews probably going to confuse some of you much because we both have our pro’s and con’s with the product, but it’s our absolute honest thoughts on both products.

What others are saying about Dynamiclear:

Comment 1 – I got it from them and it did what it claims to do. It COMPLETELY dried up my OBs and I have only had one small one since. I love the product and highly recommend it.

Comment 2 – Hi. I would just like to say that both my husband and I had remarkable experiences when we used Dynamiclear. We first used it about 9 months ago and neither of us has had an outbreak since.

Comment 3 – tried Dynamiclear and it didn’t do crap for me. A lot of wasted money in my opinion but what works for some, doesn’t always work for others.

Comment 4 – Horrible. This product didn’t do a thing for me.

Comment 5 – Please be very careful with this product. I used Dynamiclear years ago and it was contaminated with some kind of bacteria. You could see it floating in the liquid. It looked like a black strand or dirty cotton. I had a severe reaction, my sores became so infected four years later I am not sure this contamination has left my body.

Retort provided by Dynamiclear
Firstly the bacteria this person refers to is simply and nothing more than St Johns Wort. Dynamiclear contains the herb St Johns Wort which can bond in the solution and form into a black coagulation, which dissipates when the bottle is shaken. Secondly, Dynamiclear is a very powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution. It is not possible for a bacteria, virus or fungus to survive in the solution.

Comment 6 – I bought it and I am so excited about the results. 2 of my OBs dried up within hours and THEY HAVENT RETURNED since ) Fingers crossed!

Comment 7 – I have tried Dynamiclear and it seems to work! I was getting outbreaks several times a month and it was really getting me down. I’ve tried everything & this seems to work the best.

Comment 8 (male) – During my initial outbreak I tried Dynamiclear. I have to say the “slight burning” that is described seemed more like a “heavy burn” but it did what they said it would! Within 5 days my outbreak had cleared up. According to others I’ve talked to, initial outbreaks tend to last longer.

Comment 9 – Dynamiclear is the only product I’ve found to ever give me immediate relief from an outbreak. Before using Dynamiclear, I would usually get a new OB just as the previous one was clearing up. Now, I at least have a few weeks of relief between OB’s. I definitely will be buying more when my bottle runs out.

Comment 10 – What worked for me is Dynamiclear. I ‘m delighted with it.

Comment 11 – I just contracted herpes a couple of months ago. I married a woman who has it, so I knew my day was coming. I tried several different treatments but found the absolute BEST results with Dynamiclear! My minds made up, next time there’s an outbreak, I’ll go straight for the Dynamiclear. Burns like a B**ch for a couple of seconds but works wonders so it’s worth it!

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