Natural Herpes Treatments Without a Prescription

We are all in possession of the greatest method that always tells us when it’s time for a change. Our bodies are much like a fine-tuned machine that will issue an alert when something is working, and most importantly, when it’s not. In a world of microwave ovens, smart phones […] Read more »

Herpes Dating Guide

Dating tends to be quite stressful when you take into account, the people that carry emotional baggage from former relationships. When you factor in herpes, dating becomes even more stressful. Not only does a person carry the emotional baggage from a former relationship, they also carry a constant reminder of […] Read more »

Herpes Treatment

In nearly every city in every state across the United States, every single day someone somewhere is being diagnosed with a life-changing virus called Herpes.  Instantly that person will take their health care providers advice and begin using anti-viral medications.  What they don’t realize is the herpes relief these anti-viral […] Read more »

Herpes Cure

Meaningful ever gets forgotten. It can always be found in the heart and mind of the receiving party. When one receives a diagnosis of genital herpes it is a meaningful event and one, most likely that will involve many negative emotions. It is at the crossroads of meaningful events that […] Read more »

Herpes Treatment Products and Product Reviews

Most physicians do not recognize fluoridation’s adverse health effects but they are documented in blind and double blind studies. The toxicity of fluoride is increased in people with inadequate nutrition (sub-standard vitamin-mineral intake) or are immune-compromised (e.g., diabetics, renal disease, etc) I conducted a search on comments, both positive […] Read more »

Genital Herpes Treatment Regimen

I have been living with genital herpes for nearly 14 years now and have tried various genital herpes treatments and prescriptions.  What I have found to work best for me is Valtrex at a dose of 500 mg twice per day and Dynamiclear. Though Valtrex is the preferred antiviral medication, […] Read more »

How long does the first herpes outbreak last?

Question: I believe I’m having my first herpes outbreak and its extremely uncomfortable. My doctor didn’t give me any medication because I’m awaiting the test results to see if I do in fact have herpes. The most uncomfortable part is the one really painful sore I have on my labia […] Read more »