Herpes Can Be a Powerful Dating Tool

I would assume you found your way to this article by researching herpes and all the elements that surround a herpes infection while dating or trying to maintain a relationship where a herpes infection exists. I am very pleased to see you taking the proactive approach and being responsible. The […] Read more »

Kris Humphries Scores Big in the Kayla Goldberg Herpes Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Kris Humphries has scored a huge legal victory in the herpes lawsuit filed against him by one-night stand fling, Kayla Goldberg. The judge in the case ruled that the NBA star doesn’t have to undergo further blood tests for other sexually transmitted diseases. According to the written […] Read more »

Herpes Message Board – STD Message Board – Herpes Groups

Herpes message boards have been around for quite a while, more than likely you didn’t begin searching for one until you were looking for a treatment or answers to your own herpes diagnosis. That’s usually when people begin looking for answers and solutions – when it pertains to them personally. […] Read more »

Herpes Singles

Have you ever been in a singles type environment and taken a good look around at the number of people you were surrounded by only to realize that 1 in every four people that are laughing and having a good time are quite possibly a member of the exclusive herpes […] Read more »

Catching Herpes from Kissing or Sharing a Drink

Question: If someone has cold sores caused from the herpes virus is it possible to spread herpes by drinking out of the same cup or kissing? I know if you have cold sores from herpes and give oral sex its possible for the herpes to spread to the genitals, so […] Read more »

Why You Should Join a Herpes Dating Site or HPV Dating Site

Why should you join a site like Positive Singles? To develop a relationship and socialize with other people who have herpes or HPV? It’s natural human behavior to select partners who have similar interests and backgrounds, so having herpes or HPV might not seem a likely factor that would draw […] Read more »

Herpes Dating Success Story – Thank You PositiveSingles

I guess I never really gave any thought to whether or not there may be a herpes dating site, I just thought of support groups. I did not let herpes keep me from dating whomever, but I think there is a practical side to dating from our community. I’ve known […] Read more »

Herpes Medications – Your Options

If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect you may be having a genital herpes outbreak or infection you are likely anxious to find effective forms of treatment are available to you. First you should know there is no cure for the virus, but there are several effective herpes medications […] Read more »