Herpes Can Be a Powerful Dating Tool

I would assume you found your way to this article by researching herpes and all the elements that surround a herpes infection while dating or trying to maintain a relationship where a herpes infection exists. I am very pleased to see you taking the proactive approach and being responsible. The […] Read more »

Kris Humphries Scores Big in the Kayla Goldberg Herpes Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Kris Humphries has scored a huge legal victory in the herpes lawsuit filed against him by one-night stand fling, Kayla Goldberg. The judge in the case ruled that the NBA star doesn’t have to undergo further blood tests for other sexually transmitted diseases. According to the written […] Read more »

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

· American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association – Organization devoted to the control and study of sexually transmitted diseases. · American Social Health Association – Sexually transmitted disease information and education. · CDC National Prevention Information Network – CDC’s service for distributing HIV/AIDS, STD and TB information. · Global Campaign for […] Read more »

Human Papilloma Virus Resources

· California Dept. of Public Health – Human Papillomavirus – Find information about HPV and California’s HPV vaccine informing efforts. · eMedicine Health – Consumer health resource center providing an overview of genital warts and their causes, symptoms, and treatment. · HPV FAQ – Forum for questions and answers regarding […] Read more »

Oral Herpes Resources

· CenterWatch: Cold Sores (Herpes Labialis Infections) – Listing of clinical research trials. · Cold Sores – Factsheet on these small, fluid-filled blisters, their symptoms, cause, diagnosis and treatment. · Cold Sores (Mouth Herpes) – Factsheet in question and answer format. · Cold Sores + Shingles – Information on the […] Read more »

Genital Herpes Resources

· CDC: Genital Herpes – Facts, statistics, treatment, and other resources. · CenterWatch: Genital Herpes – Listing of clinical research trials. · eMedicine Health – Genital Herpes – Consumer health resource center providing information on causes, symptoms, and treatment. · Genital Herpes – Questions and answers about Genital Herpes from […] Read more »

Herpes Resources

· The Big Picture Book of Viruses – Herpesviruses – Microscope photos of various Herpes causing viruses. · Herpes – The Evasive Intruder – Information regarding transmission, treatment, medication, symptoms, and current research. · Herpes Information Center – The herpes case counter calculates the estimated number of new herpes cases […] Read more »

Herpes Community – HPV Community

The HWerks is a private social network for people living with herpes or HPV. Site features include: Profile page Photos Advanced Privacy Options Videos Updated National Events List Forum Blogs Social groups Chat Private messaging The site was created to provide a private Facebook style site for people living with […] Read more »

Herpes Forum, HPV Forum, Message Boards, Online Community – Real Answers from Real People!

Picking Up the Pieces – Since it began in October 1998, Picking Up the Pieces has been helping the newly diagnosed come to terms with their recent diagnosis. Picking Up the Pieces is a Yahoo group open to anybody that is interested in learning more about Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), […] Read more »