Scroguard Offers a Full Coverage Protective Barrier During Sexual Relations

  A couple of years after I became active in the H community, I dated a guy who had one of the most severe cases of OCD I have personally seen. While he had been diagnosed with both HSV and HPV, and posed a much greater threat to me, than […] Read more »

Natural Herpes Treatments Without a Prescription

We are all in possession of the greatest method that always tells us when it’s time for a change. Our bodies are much like a fine-tuned machine that will issue an alert when something is working, and most importantly, when it’s not. In a world of microwave ovens, smart phones […] Read more »

Hemorrhoid Treatment – Hemorrhoid Relief

The Romans gained their knowledge of essential oils from the Greeks who in turn had gained it from the Egyptians. Now it is the turn of the modern world to use healing natural oils for many conditions including Hemorrhoids. H-Hemorrhoids, which will heal all hemorrhoids without any side effects, is […] Read more »

Skin Tag – Skin Tag Removal

Why suffer the embarrassment of skin tags when they can be painlessly removed by H-Skin Tags. Our specially formulated removal treatment eliminates all those annoying skin tags with no pain, no burning, no irritation and no scarring. This very successful product will provide the result you are looking for with […] Read more »

Dynamiclear – User Comments

Formerly known as Choraphor — same great product, brand new name — Introducing – Dynamiclear! My Personal Thoughts on Dynamiclear: I have genital herpes and I am a huge fan of Dynamiclear. I have been a long time fan of H-ColdSores as well and will tell you what my findings […] Read more »

Triggers of Recurring Outbreaks

Most people I know who are living with herpes have reported their recurring outbreaks being most often triggered by emotional stress. Stress tends to activate the autonomic nervous system, and in turn increase your body’s production of adrenalin or other neurotransmitters that may very well play a key role in […] Read more »