California judge tosses suit claiming Kris Humphries gave a woman herpes

Now the Los Angeles woman who claimed that Kris Humphries gave her herpes might worry that he’ll sue her back.

Last week California Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian dismissed Kayla Goldberg’s lawsuit against the NBA player.

“As [case law] articulates, there must be evidence that [Humphries] had reason to know of the infection at the time of the parties’ contact on 9/1/2010,” states Keosian’s ruling. “There is still no dispute that [Humphries] did not test positive for ‘any form’ of the HSV virus [sic], nor had reason to believe he was infected with ‘any form’ of the virus.”

This week Humphries’ attorney Lee Hutton III told me, “We are moving to go get costs from the plaintiff. We are considering malicious prosecution actions against the attorney.”

Full Article on StarTribune

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